What does looking for a job have in common with a television appearance?  What does making a presentation at work have to do with raising money for a nonprofit organization?

In all of these situations, your success hinges on your ability to persuade.  The hiring committee needs to be persuaded that you’re the right candidate for the job. The viewing audience needs to be persuaded that your perspective is valid.  The management team needs to be persuaded that your proposal will benefit the company.  Potential donors need to be persuaded that your organization’s mission is worthy of their generosity.  Whether you’re interviewing for a job or speaking to an audience, whether you’re an executive or a development director, the work we do together will make you as persuasive as possible.



“Lisa helped me with all of the steps needed for my career transition, from resume writing to telephone and in-person interviewing. She taught me how to write on-point cover letters, and how to answer interview questions concisely, and with authority and confidence. She's also very fun to work with, and was a great person to have in my corner during the process.  Rory Cox, Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission.

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